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Prolapse Sponge

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Sea Pearls for Prolapse is a natural support solution for those suffering from Pelvic Organ Prolapse. These ultra soft sponges are less abrasive than the pessary and far less invasive than surgery. Sea Pearls are easy to insert and clean, comfortable, and inexpensive compared to traditional prolapse treatments. Includes: 2 Sea Pearl Sea Sponges with a cotton storage bag, and a fully illustrated brochure. If you are unsure about whether these sponges will work for your prolapse, please remember Jade & Pearl has a 100%return policy! The Sponges Sea Pearls for Prolapse are specifically selected larger-sized and denser sponges compared to our Sea Sponge Tampons. They can be custom trimmed to fit your prolapse needs. All of our sponges are completely natural sea sponges containing no Dioxin, chemicals, or synthetic fibers. They are sustainably harvested from non-polluted waters, economical, easy to use, and earth friendly. Because Sea Pearls for Prolapse are used daily they will not last as long as the Sea Pearls Sea Sponge Tampons. The Sea Pearls for Prolapse should last about 1-3 months. Upon receiving your sponges, don't be alarmed by the size of these sponges. Once you wet them and squeeze out the excess water, they are very soft and can be squished to a smaller size. Though they may look quite large in the package, this allows the option of trimming them for a more custom fit to your body. If you do feel like they are too big, trim 1/8 of an inch around the perimeter of the sponge or follow the instructions for trimming as specified in the brochure. If they are accidentally trimmed too small you can always use more than one Sea Pearl. Because of the size of these sponges some women need a lubricant to help ease insertion. We recommend using a natural lubricant that will not harm the durability of the sponge. Many women use a natural oil such as olive oil or grapeseed oil.