February 22nd, 2013

The video on our homepage was created with the help of the wonderful husband/wife team Tiger in a Jar over the course of two days in NYC.  I took one day off work and we spent Friday and Saturday running around the city to shoot.  On day two Nate was the chauffeur in our minivan (we don't have any kids but Nate and I own a minivan in Manhattan.  I know, it's weird.  But, glory! The New England camping trips!).

We scheduled some interviews throughout the city and also planned on stopping random women to ask them about their periods.  I have a background in ethnographic research but still thought I would wet my pants over this.  While fairly stressful, stopping random women was enjoyable and insightful.   There were a handful of hearty no-thank-you's, but we found that most women were more than willing to stop and chat about periods.  We talked about everything from advice you'd give your newly menstruating daughter to obstacles women on their periods face in New York City in particular.  Of course, tourist city that Manhattan is, we ran into a few visitors along the way who also had great things to say.

The first thing my super supportive Dad said when he saw this video was, "You obviously scripted it."  But no way, Dad! We didn't tell anyone what to say, and they were only going off of a short description of The Period Store.

So, thanks all you ladies who were brave enough to talk to us about periods!  We very much appreciate it and we look forward to more videos in the future.  Let's continue to expand the dialogue about periods across cultures and generations!



Ashley Seil Smith has a background in Anthropology and is currently earning her MFA in Illustration at The School of Visual Arts in New York City.  She's not very good at juggling multiple things at once, but still finds herself signing up for half marathons while trying to run TPS and go to school.  

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allison 03:03 AM March 12th, 2013
The video you have is one of my favorite parts of your website. It's awesome. Girl power!
stacey r. 04:03 PM March 7th, 2013
You are brave, girl. The video looks great.