June 28th, 2013

The Period Store has come a long way since the night Ashley and I (Rubi) talked about the idea back in 2010. We've only been live for a few months now but are so grateful to our customers and to everyone that has supported us so far. We had our launch party Menstruation Celebration on June 1st in New York City. We were so happy to have the opportunity to celebrate this bloody business with our online and offline friends.

We hired Ryan Simmons (who throws the most amazing parties) to plan our event. As you must have gathered by now, The Period Store is in no way trying to hide the subject of menstruation. I mean, just look at our logo. We want women to feel comfortable talking about menstruation and learning about/trying different products. So of course the color scheme for our Menstruation Celebration had to be reds.

To make it easier to find the party, we had a huge red balloon outside of the building with a sign that read "Are you on your period?". A pair of hot pink mannequin legs greeted our guests upon arrival, and her mannequin-bottom friends were lounging around the entire party space. The first 100 guests got one of our "Go with the flow" tote bags filled with goodies from our partners.

Some Period foods included red velvet cupcakes, uterus sugar cookies, blood suckers (they were so good!). The drinks were also red of course - some favorites were the Italian Soda and Strawberry Ginger Cocktail. There was a photo booth, an art station, hair braiding, temporary tattoos, and amazing party crowns created by Ryan out of crepe paper, tampons and pantyliners. 

The highlight of the party was most definitely a huge The Period Store light up sign Ryan and his team created for us. The sign took some time to put together but it was worth it a million times over. And last but not least, there was confetti - lots of it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for your support! We have big plans for the future and are sure you're going to love them. Hope you can make it to our next event!

Click the image below to see the photo booth pictures!

photos by Kylie Whiting and Marci Clark

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spiegel eule 11:10 AM October 10th, 2013
ohh great! can we have one store in berlin too please?
jade 05:07 PM July 24th, 2013
I just found this website through Pinterest and I LOVE IT!!! I can't wait until I order my first box! I would love to attend these events! Your Blogs are Amazing and teach me more than I thought. I BLOODY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
inbar 12:07 PM July 23rd, 2013
Simply red-iculously gorgeous! What a concept, love it!
lyndsay 04:07 AM July 22nd, 2013
holy crap, this is seriously *bloody* awesome. never has my period seemed so cool and chic! ^__^
jenni 03:07 PM July 21st, 2013
This is awesome. Love it so much!
sara strauss 03:07 AM July 20th, 2013
Love this!! I second Jade's comment! ~Sara Sincerely, Sara
kenzie 09:07 PM July 19th, 2013
So unique! Would totally have been there. May have had a hard time drinking red punch with the theme and all, but loved it.
jade 09:07 PM July 19th, 2013
Such excellent taste. I can't begin to say how brilliant this is to me. Your mothers seem to have succeeded to teach you the art of good humor and design. You have succeeded at both.
shauna 07:07 PM July 19th, 2013
Such poor taste. I can't begin to say how offensive this is to me. Your mothers seem to have failed to teach you the art of appropriateness and decorum. You have failed at both.
nicole 12:07 AM July 7th, 2013
This is so awesome.
amy 12:07 PM July 1st, 2013
This looked so fun - I'm bummed I couldn't be there! Love the mannequins.